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Power BI


Many of our customers (mainly SMEs) have collected a lot of data over the past years using different applications such as ERP, CRM and Excel files. This data is of great value to the company. It is important to keep a history of all orders as well as all invoices which have to be kept for 10 years. But all this data has a much greater potential value than just serving as a backup.

Have you ever thought about the fact that by analyzing this data you can gain new insights and make better and more informed decisions? With the right tools, you can answer all the questions that sales departments and management struggle with on a daily basis:

  • What products are selling best?
  • Who are my top 10 customers based on unit count or sales?
  • How far am I from my "Sales Target"?
  • What products are dangling at the bottom and would we be better off divesting?
  • What is our turnover grouped by product type, brand or quality?

What is Microsoft Power BI?

BI or Business Intelligence stands for the collection of information within one's business activity. It can be described as the process of transforming data into information, which then leads to knowledge. Business Intelligence aims to create a competitive advantage and is considered a valuable core competence. Power BI is a service that enables you to visualize data, share insights and collaborate in an intuitive way. This service provides an organization-wide infrastructure for Self-Service Business Intelligence , wherever you are. Self-Service is a new approach where end users create personalized reports and analyses that they can then share with their colleagues.

A BI solution can analyze any type of data:

Customer data
Financial data
Accounting data
Production data
HR data

Advantages Power BI

Save time through fast and correct analysis of different data.
Generate simple and easy to read reports.
Thanks to the presence of correct information, the efficiency of your company will also increase.
By implementing this information, there will be better cooperation which will lead to better performance of employees.

  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres