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Winbooks Accounting

Winbooks Accounting blows the dust off traditional accounting, done with ambiguity in data entry and stress in coding.

  • Dynamic user interface provides ultimate ease of use
  • Each document instantly booked and updated

Winbooks Logistics
Commercial management software tailored to your activities! Winbooks Logistics streamlines your invoicing, stock management, orders, etc.

However, the real surprise lies in the exclusive plug-ins, specially designed programs for certain operations, which you can install effortlessly. This way, you can automate your commercial management to the maximum.

  • A wide range of solutions
  • 100% adapted to your real needs

Virtual Invoice

Facilitate the encoding, processing and verification of your invoices.

Recognize scanned invoices and integrate them into your administrative management? Virtual Invoice is the solution for their automation.

  • Enter data easily
  • Integrate electronic invoices
  • Full text search
  • Approval flow management

Winbooks On Web
The Web: the solution of the future.

Winbooks on Web is an exceptionally innovative Internet application that should satisfy the most demanding users with its user-friendliness, speed, functionality, cost and processable volumes.

Why "On Web"?

  • No program needs to be installed
  • Only internet connection necessary
  • Access your data anywhere

A few advantages

  • Accessibility: Winbooks and your accounting data are accessible at any time, wherever you are.
  • Cost savings: No installation, no maintenance: You no longer have to deal with technical problems such as managing power outages, backups, antivirus software, because the host manages it all for you. Updates are immediately available on the server, without you having to make any intervention in your computer system.
  • Multi-platform: Available on Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Fiduciary and client data sharing: You are a fiduciary and your clients have a Winbooks license? Get a free login to the file. This is always up-to-date.
  • Firmly secured data: The architecture of the Internet application provides optimal protection for all data.
  • Lower hosting costs: The hardware and software infrastructure for Internet applications is lighter than for applications such as Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. And thus the hosting costs are also lower.

Winbooks Connect

The digital platform between customer and accountant for the efficient exchange of documents and financial information, so that the customer is perfectly aware of his financial situation at all times.

Take advantage of the following functionalities:

  • Invoices: As a client of the fiduciary, you send invoices to the application by mail or by adding files. You can add information if desired. Your fiduciary can book the invoices from here.
  • Permanent file: In addition to the invoices, all documents related to the accounting file can be kept: articles of association, contracts, general meeting reports, etc. The fiduciary can also make documents from the accounts (civil code declaration, balance sheet, etc.) visible to the client.
  • Messages and tasks management: Via Winbooks Connect a communication can be started between the client and the fiduciary. In addition, Winbooks Connect also contains a calendar to which various tasks can be added. Automatically, this calendar also contains all legal due dates.
  • Dashboard: Through various graphs, ratios and indicators, you can monitor and analyze the state of your accounts.
  • Free Invoicing: For small businesses with up to 10 simple invoices/month, fiduciare customers who have Winbooks Connect can get free access to light invoicing. The invoices are sent to the customer by email and also arrive on Winbooks Conenct, from where the fiduciary can enter them into the customer's file. Contact us to know the conditions.

Winbooks View

Winbooks View is a new tool within the winbooks range that allows you to create and display reports from the accounts for your clients (for fiduciaries) or for internal use within your frima.

Take advantage of the following functionalities:

  • Dashboard tailored to the customer
  • Balance sheet
  • Evolution of results
  • Insight into critical success factors (KPIs)
  • Drill down
  • Comparison between several financial years
  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres