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Security comes first

In order to provide the best possible security for your data, both internally and externally, different layers of security must be set up. Everyone now knows that antivirus software is an absolute must for any device. But what antivirus software should you go with? Trustteam will help you to choose the antivirus software that suits you best. Our Webdefender system (firewall), means enhanced filtering and security. At the same time, all communication between your company’s network and the internet will be monitored and inspected. Furthermore, our systems make it possible to secure your email traffic and we are able to constantly monitor your environment via specially-designed surveillance tools.

Some security aspects can be applied to any situation. However, as security is also a highly personal issue, Trustteam will be on-hand to listen to any questions you may have, meaning we can offer a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

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