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Zen soft Finance

Bespoke software for (experts) in accounting and businesses

Financial software is the backbone of any SME. Not only will Zen soft Finance provide you with support for your legal accounts, but it also contains a wealth of information to help business leaders make decisions and to develop strategies. With Zen soft Finance, your accounting system will be fully modernised: we will take care of data input, leaving you to focus on interpreting the data.

  • General accounting
  • 3-level analysis
  • Accounting/analysis budget
  • Pricing
  • Charges
  • Cash book inspection
  • Simulations
  • Service monitoring and invoicing
  • Purchasing and sales via scanning
  • Finance: reading bank files (coda) using the dossiers
  • Miscellaneous: reading social secretariat documents (soda) using the dossiers
  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres