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Microsoft PowerApps is an application platform that allows us to build extension applications in a simple way. Here you can use your own local data, data in the Cloud or set up a new database in the Common Data service. Some example applications you could build:

  • A service desk application to report internal problems
  • A product showcase application to give to the sales staff
  • A site inspection application where you can take pictures of buildings and further document them

If you had to develop these applications without this tool, you are talking about a period of months. With this tool, you build them in days. Just accessing your own data is already a challenge, for this you would have to provide an API with authentication to make the data accessible. Through the On-premises data gateway this is set up within the hour and you can choose to send the data encrypted over the internet.

Building and innovating faster

We can build apps faster thanks to the 'point and click' approach. We can start from the many templates Microsoft offers or start with a blank sheet. Then we publish your app to the internet and/or for iOS, Android or Windows 10 without the need for an app store to approve it.

Connecting your apps to your data

All apps require data. There are over 200 connectors for many popular cloud services to make your data available to apps, even your on-premises data.

  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres