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Exact Online/Globe

Exact Online

More than just accounting! With accounting and CRM in one, Exact online is the basis for every healthy business. Exact Online is a safe and user-friendly online accounting package. A few advantages in brief.

  • Close collaboration with your accountant via the internet
  • Professional helpdesk and software upgrades included in the subscription price
  • Seamless integration with MyZen
  • 24/7 insight into all figures

Exact online comes in different versions. Each version includes accounting and CRM. For example, you have Exact Online accounting, production, trading, accountancy, hours & invoices and project management. Something for everyone.


With ERP manufacturing software from Exact, you have one solution for your manufacturing processes. Save costs and prevent errors by digitizing your warehouse and shop floor. No more paper work orders and pick receipts.


All-in-one solution for your financial administration and your logistics processes.

Exact's wholesale software gives you order and inventory management, accounting and contact management in one system. Avoid errors due to double entry and gain real-time insight into your inventories, sales and margins.


Cloud software is secure, flexible, easy to use and with predictable monthly costs. You and your customers always work with the latest version and latest innovations. Also via your smartphone. In addition, Exact Online offers easy conversion tools so you get all the support you need. Find out how Exact Online Accountancy can support your office.

Hours & Invoices and Project Management

Your time registration, invoicing, CRM and accounting in one program. The most important benefits:

  • On time and correct invoicing
  • Improved cash flow
  • Invoicing and reminders


Always insight into your projects and linked to your accounting and CRM. The benefits in a row:

  • Correct and timely invoicing
  • More billable hours
  • Fixed income through subscriptions

Exact Globe Next

The ERP application in the Exact range. As an SME, you want to have the right figures at the right time. Exact Globe is synonymous with user-friendliness and a wide range of functionalities with a modern look & feel.

  • 20 modules that are fully tailored to the modern and growing SME
  • All business information centralized
  • Up to date insight into cash flow, cash position and value of your business
  • Management cockpit with various functions for forecasting, budgeting, analysis and reporting

In addition, Exact Globe can be linked and integrated with all your business processes. From financial processes to logistics flows and project planning.


Training Exact

Are you looking for extra information, tips & tricks to make working with Exact even more efficient? Every two years Trustteam gives Exact Online and Exact Globe training. Currently there are no new training sessions planned. We will communicate in time when you can register.

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