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Support for your daily tasks

Time is money. An expression that applies always and everywhere, but perhaps most strongly in the business world. It is, after all, the wish of every business manager that his or her staff can work as productively as possible. In these digital times, support in this area is often found in software packages.

A second point of attention is that administration is considered a burden in more and more companies. Software can help there too.

Trustteam has an extensive software department. With teams in Kortrijk, Heusden-Zolder and Romania, we succeed in offering a wide range of software, each time supported by employees who work very specifically on that package. General packages such as SharePoint are certainly not unknown to us, but we also develop a lot of software ourselves. Based on input from the market, we develop packages that add value for users in the sector.

Software supports your daily tasks, Trustteam supports your software!

  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres