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Software for prevention and protection services

Health@Work is the right solution for the needs and requirements of internal and external services relating to prevention and protection in the workplace. By drawing on extensive knowledge of the market, all functions are combined in one single program, in such a way that means you won’t need to navigate between different applications.

You want to concentrate on your core business: prevention and protection in the workplace – and rightly so. To do so, you want an easy to use program allowing you to deal with medical issues and risk management as well as organising analysis and invoicing.

Health@Work is the ideal software application to assist you in carrying out these tasks. Our software has the following advantages:

  • Forget any constraints, you can now focus on your core business: prevention and protection
  • Health@Work incorporates all features necessary for administration, planning, risk management, medical dossiers, invoicing and analysis
  • With the easy to use nature of the Windows system, each user (from administrative employees right up to the workplace doctor) can work in comfort
  • Depending on your circumstances, Health@Work can be introduced phase by phase
  • The software has been developed drawing on extensive knowledge of the market and is continuously adapted, in response to changing needs.
  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres