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Virtualisation of storage

Data, data, data: the megabytes of (new) data are piling up. And, of course, we want that data to remain accessible at all times. Thanks to DataCore's Software-defined Storage, the efficiency, availability and utilisation of your IT resources are optimised, regardless of the hardware you have. The result: savings in material, reduced downtime and increased performance.

It is common knowledge in IT-land: the performance of servers has improved considerably, but storage is not fast enough, which causes applications to slow down. This is now coming to an end with DataCore's Software-Defined Storage which provides a high-performance, flexible storage infrastructure with high availability and low total cost of ownership.


How does data virtualisation actually work?


Your benefits:

  • Faster: the applications (databases, applications, etc.) are faster, which means that more transactions can be processed, more data can be analysed, etc.
  • More in less time = more satisfied customers and higher sales!
  • Always on: high-availability infrastructure reduces the number of disruptions to operations and minimises business risk.
  • Do more with less: you do not need to provide additional infrastructure, on the contrary. With the current infrastructure and far fewer servers, you achieve more workloads, better performance and higher availability. Significant cost savings, both direct and indirect (less steam consumption, cooling and space).
  • More efficient: integration of your infrastructure means easy management.
  • Future-proof: the software is hardware-independent, so it will continue to be useful in the future, irrespective of the hardware you purchase.

In concrete terms: DataCore's Software-defined Storage makes (the storage of) your infrastructure harder, better, faster, stronger!

  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres