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Is your company already in the cloud?

Do you want to find an effective way to work that will allow you to concentrate on your SME’s core business? Do you want it to be easy for your partners to work with you, both from inside the company and elsewhere? Do you want access to a secure backup option for all your precious data?

If you answered yes to these questions, then there’s little doubt you’ll need a robust IT infrastructure. The cost for running your own IT infrastructure is not cheap, while maintenance can often be a headache. Why not try a cloud-based solution?

Keep your IT environment out of harm’s way in our data centre, and start working in the cloud! This won’t involve any investment on your part, and you can now count on ongoing management and proactive surveillance of your system. With continuous backup between our different data servers, housed at different locations, you can stop worrying about your data getting lost. The cloud environment at Trustteam is highly flexible, allowing your IT to grow at the same pace as your company. This means that you will only need to pay for what you currently have. One final advantage of the cloud is that it lets you work anywhere and anytime. To sum up: it will put you on cloud nine from an IT point of view.

We offer a range of solutions; simply choose the option that best meets your needs. Things don’t always have to be complicated - we want everything to be transparent, with nothing left in the dark.

  • One-stop-shop for your IT
  • Management of own data centres